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Important Current Affairs 10th Jun 2018

Important Current Affairs 10th Jun 2018

Current Affairs 10th Jun 2018: NATIONAL NEWS

26 students of Anand Super 30 selected for IIT
●        In the IIT examination, 26 students of Anand Super 30 Institute have achieved success.
●        They include son of two laborers and son of a salesman.
●        Encouraged by the success of the students, Anand Kumar said that the size of Super 30 will be extended next year and 90 students will be given coaching.
●        Soon, a test will be conducted across the country for this.
●        The information related to the website will be uploaded.

GST refund of foreign tourists will be done at the airport
●        Foreign tourists can claim GST refunds at the airport only when they can leave the airport because the revenue department is working on the system for refund of the taxes paid on local purchases.
●        In many countries tourists are refunded VAT or GST for purchases over the prescribed limit.

Government opened path for private professionals
●        To become a Joint Secretary now, it will not be necessary to pass the UPSC exam.
●        The Modi government has changed the rules for entry in the bureaucracy.
●        The government has approved the letter of entry for the 10-point secretariat and has issued notification on Sunday in this regard.

Industry Sector Expects GDP Growth At 8% In next Two Years
●        Indian Industries expects GDP growth in India to remain 8 per cent for the next two years.
●        The biggest reason for this is the major reform and fiscal partnership in the last few years by the government.
●        With this, a strong foundation for the development of the country has been kept.

Current Affairs 10th Jun 2018: ECONOMY

Loss of Rs 80 lakh crore on the basis of purchasing power of country's GDP
●        The Indian economy has suffered a loss of more than $ 1,190 billion or 80 lakh crore rupees last year due to violence on the basis of purchasing power (PPP).
●        This loss is more than $ 595.40 i.e. more than 40 thousand rupees per person.
●        The Institute for Economics and Peace has prepared this report after studying 163 countries and regions.
People have cash at the record level so far
●        The Modi government is on the way to making the country's economy cashless.
●        At present, the cash level in the hands of the public has reached above Rs 18.5 lakh crore, which is the highest level so far.

Equity Mutual Fund became the preferred choice for retail investors with 86 percent stake
●        The share of retail investors in equity mutual funds has increased to 86 per cent.
●        It has recorded an increase of about 36 per cent in a year.

FDI increased to $ 61.96 billion in India during 2017-18
●        Foreign direct investment in India increased to $ 61.96 billion during the financial year 2017-18, which was at the level of $ 60 billion in the financial year 2016-17.
●        DIPP secretary Ramesh Abhishek said on Friday this information.

Current Affairs 10th Jun 2018:SPORTS

Intercontinental Cup: India won the title by defeating Kenya 2-0
●        Thanks to two goals from Captain Sunil Chhetri, India won the title of Intercontinental Cup Football Tournament by defeating Kenya 2-0 in the finals of the Mumbai Football Arena on Sunday.
●        Chetri combined with Argentine legendary Lionel Messi in the second place with the list of active football players, who scored the most goals.
●        The name of these two players is now 64 international records. 
Rafael Nadal won French Open for a record 11th time
●        In the French Open men's singles finals, Spain's Rafael Nadal defeated Dominican Thim of Austria.
●        He beat Thimm 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 in a match that lasted 2 hours and 42 minutes.
●        Nadal's record is the first player to win the finals for the 11th time.

The New Zealand women's team scored 490 runs, the highest score of one-day in 47 years.
●        The women's team of Zeeland has broken their own world record of one-day cricket highest score.
●        Team scored 490 runs for 4 wickets against Ireland on Friday.
●        This is the biggest score of 47 years of ODI history.

Bangladesh won by 3 wickets in Women's Asia Cup T-20
●        In the women's Asia Cup T-20 finals, Bangladesh defeated India by 5 wickets and won the title for the first time.
●        India had reached Fanine for the seventh time, but it had to face defeat for the first time.
●        The target of 113 runs was achieved in Bangladesh by 20 wickets on 7 wickets.

Current Affairs 10th Jun 2018: GLOBAL NEWS

India did not support China's BRI project
●        India has not supported China's supermassive project Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
●        India has been the only country in 8 countries of the SCO, which has opposed this project of China.

Chinese hackers steal US Navy intelligence data
●        Chinese government hackers have stolen the intelligence of the US Navy
●        It also includes plans to build a new anti-ship missile fired from the submarines, such as the battle of war in the sea.
●        Chinese hackers stole 614 gigabytes of data between January and February this year.
Apple is close to touching 1 trillion dollars market cap figure
●        There is no company in the world holding a trillion, that is, a $ 1000 billion market cap.
●        Apple may soon cross the milestone to become a 12-zero and 13-digit company.
●        Amazon, Alphabet and Microsoft and are just behind Apple. Apple's market capitalization of one trillion dollars will be close to Rs 67 lakh crore.

Current Affairs 10th Jun 2018: RANKING

India is the 29th safest country in the world
●        India is ranked 29th in the annual list of protected countries.
●        Last time he was at the 63rd position.
●        That is, he has made a jump of 34 places in terms of security.
●        This information has been provided in Gallup International's latest survey report.

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